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  • - Increase in the cost of rehabilitating the sub-structure.
  • - Networking for linking all the tax offices in Sudan.
  • - Linking with National Switch of Bank of Sudan.
  • - Consolidating a data base for tax collection for all the tax offices.
  • - The issue of protection of secrecy for information.
  1. There are various types of taxes, and hence the collection varies.
  2. - The number of states, tax offices and the federal offices.
  3. - Re-encoding and revision of all the taxpayers files in line with the tax offices.
  4. - The accountancy methods used in the governmental circles, as receiving, approving and auditing receipts, with the Auditor representative at the Taxation Chamber.
  5. -
  • - Secrecy of information.
  • - The tax laws should be considered.
  • - All the Taxation Chamber employees, who implement the provisions of the tax laws, are to observe the secrecy of all the documents, and information related to income of any person. However, the laws do not prevent any tax employee to disclose any document or information connected with income of any person for any other tax employee during carrying out of his duties, or to any person authorized by the General Secretary of Chamber of Taxation, or any court, for achieving the purposes of this law.
  • - The tax employees, before conducting any duty according to the laws, shall take oath before the Secretary General; the SG shall take the same oath before the Minister of Finance and Economic Planning.
  • - All others are bound to keep secrecy of tax information.
  • - As for the imposing and collection of the Business Profit Tax from the agents of electricity services distribution, the treatment will be the treatment of the communication agents. So, there will be levy of final tax, so, no need for inclusion in the system.
  • - To peruse the law, press the link (documents/AdminDecision-2014.pdf)
  • - Any situation make taxpayers information (under whatever title) accessible to the private sector is a defect in the secrecy system, and weakness in the tax legislation.
  • - The graveness of such situation exacerbates with the technological evolution and the risks of hackering the computer data.
  • - Tax offices should be protected from the hackers, who seek to invade the secrecy. Movement of taxpayers files should be reorganized to highlight the significance of protection.
  • - The facts of multiplicity of tax basins, and the several tax collection types. There are restrictions that should be observed in recording the tax payment. This can be set as a challenge in the coming phase.
  • - Linking with sale points should be preceded by educational campaign to strengthen the trust of the taxpayer with the system.
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