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  • - Increasing the cost of processing infrastructure
  • - Networking for all tax offices in Sudan and the federal Centers
  • - Linkage with the Bank of Sudan National converter (NS)
  • - Unify the database for the collection of all the offices in all States and centers
  • - The problem of protection of confidential information
  1. There are different types of taxes, including the multiple types of collection
  2. - Multiple methods of collection.
  3. - The number of state offices in all parts of Sudan and the federal Centers
  4. - Re-encoding and review of all the files according to the offices and centers and geographic circuits.
  5. - Accounting methods used in government departments to receive receipts and approved and reviewed with Director references Diwan taxes .
  • - Confidentiality of the information.
  • - Tax Laws take into account whether the Income Tax Act of 1986, as amended, or the different VAT law.
  • - On each of the tax officials in the Bureau is implementing the provisions of this law must take into account the confidentiality of all documents and information relating to income of any person, and all the information while carrying out its duties and dispose of them as confidential, that it is not like this article may prohibit any employee to disclose any document or any information which relates to income of any person or confidential information connected with the implementation of the provisions of the law of any other officer during the performance of his duties or any person authorized by the Secretary-General or any court or person to achieve the purposes of this Act .
  • - Should the tax officials in the Cabinet before carrying out any duty under the provisions of this law to perform on the model number of the partition (2) of Schedule IV Annex tax law to the Secretary-General that the Secretary-General leads that section before the Minister
  • - With the knowledge that all the other parties is under no legal obligation to keep tax information
  • - As for the imposition and collection of tax on business profits and distribution of electricity services agents, they will be treated just like the treatment of the tax on the distribution of communication services and therefore are imposed and collected a final tax on distributors without having to be included in the system
  • - For the law Click on the link Administrative Decision No. (1)
  • - Any situation makes taxpayers information (under any pretext or cover) is available to the private sector is a deficiency in the secret system and the weakness in tax legislation and that the seriousness of the disclosure of confidential .
  • - And the widening circle with a risk of technological development and the risk of penetration of the computer data, Happened in Egypt and that it amounted to a get a professional monument and impersonate character data from the tax for debt financiers and the defrauding them and collect the payments without the right, which emphasizes the need to respect the confidentiality of data
  • - Secure headquarters and tax offices and examination rooms, connectivity and collection of taxes tasks and is the responsibility of it directly to prevent keystroke loggers from the breach of confidentiality and regulate trading files and Talitha movement, identify confidential or not the data origin for the taxpayer to the tax affairs are governed by the confidentiality rule and save the taxpayer information .
  • - The multiplicity of taxes as well as jars of different types of achievement and there are restrictions to be adhered to in restricting payments. Where we can put this matter within the challenges of the next phase .
  • - It must be preceded by a linkage with the POS work to raise awareness and motivation campaign to strengthen confidence in the system
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